To Flush or Not To Flush? Our Denver Plumbers Highlight What Shouldn’t Go Down the Toilet

The toilet is one invention that has been historically misused by individuals across the country. Many people overestimate their plumbing’s ability to take away irregular objects, resulting in blockages and backups that are both unsanitary and inconvenient. Flushing objects that were not intended for such purposes can create serious problems on your property, your local treatment center, and the environment at large. Everyone has a role to play in keeping their community safe, and doing so will provide considerable peace of mind

RooterGuy is here to provide the best plumbing services across the Denver Metro area, relying on our proven support and intuitive solutions to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We can provide drain cleaning and rooter services for all of your outgoing wastewater, but encourage you to practice caution at all times.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of the top things NOT to flush down the toilet. If you’re dealing with issues and require immediate plumbing repairs, be sure to contact us now to schedule your same-day service!

Baby and Adult Wipes

Wet wipes for adults have gained in popularity over the years, and are often advertised as “toilet-safe.” Unfortunately, many products marketed as flushable have resulted in backups and serious needs for plumbing repairs.


is being taken to address this issue and prevent property owners from future headaches. The same problems are true for baby wipes, which have long been marketed as flush-safe.

We recommend extra caution if your home utilizes wet wipes. Utilizing a trash receptacle in close proximity can avoid the risk of causing costly blockages.

Adhesive Bandages

These adhesive patches are small and inconspicuous, meaning they should be flushable with no problem. Unfortunately, the plastic that holds your Band-Aids® together will not biodegrade, meaning it can spend a long time in your sewer system once flushed. The adhesive used for holding onto skin can also prove problematic, worsening clogs and adding to your problems.

Cotton Swabs

Many of us are guilty of flushing cotton products down the toilet. Are these products similar enough to toilet paper? No. Cotton swabs are commonplace in most bathrooms, but can prove very troublesome if flushed. The cotton, when exposed to water, will condense and become sticky. When combined with the plastic stem, you may be left with a blockage that necessitates a call for an emergency plumber.


Tissue paper feels similar to toilet paper, so it should be able to flush with no problems, right? Wrong. Homeowners that rely on tissues and paper towels for their daily convenience may run into problems later on when flushing said toiletries. Toilet paper is unique in its design, dissolving in your sewer system to prevent any blockages. Tissue paper will not dissolve as such and will likely become a trap for items flushed in the future.


Outdated medication can sit in the back of your medicine cabinet for years. Throwing old pills away presents unique concerns, motivating many people to flush their prescriptions instead. Medication can cause a variety of problems downstream, including contaminating local groundwater and harming nearby wildlife. Colorado has a number of medication take-back programs available, including county law enforcement offices, kiosks at local drug stores, and more. If you have a bunch of old prescription pills laying around, be sure to look up a convenient time and place to dispose of them properly.

Our Advice? Get a Trash Bin

It is likely that nobody has told you to purchase a small trash can for your bathroom, but doing so can help to prevent a plethora of products from going down the toilet. Our plumbing contractors understand that it can be too convenient not to throw small bits of waste into the toilet, flushing it away never to be seen again. However, if you make a habit of flushing your dental floss, Q-tips, or any other no-nos, the day may come when you’re left with a backup.

RooterGuy is here to provide top-quality plumbing repairs across the Denver area, ranging from Castle Rock to Boulder. Our team provides 24/7 care and comprehensive repairs to ensure your residential or commercial plumbing needs are met. If you’re worried about the state of your toilet and require professional assistance, feel free to contact us now!

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